Go Solar and Save Money

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    Going solar is going green in more ways than one. Not only is solar power better for the environment, but it can save you money in numerous ways. Solar power is more cost-effective than many think and Pickett Solar can help you see those savings right away.

    More Durable Than You Think

    When we see solar panels, we may think they are delicate or easy to break, but the opposite is true. These panels are designed to be outside, with exposure to the elements, which makes them extremely durable and hardy. Once your initial investment is made, the upkeep and maintenance are almost nominal. According to NerdWallet, “most systems don’t require much maintenance and are designed to last for 20 years or more with little change to the amount of electricity produced.”

    Tax Credits

    While the cost of solar panels and installation depends largely on your home and your electric needs, which can be thoroughly evaluated and explained by our Pickett Solar team, there is an investment on your part for the initial installation. Once the installation is done, however, there are some tax incentives in place from the government that you can look into. These credits are constantly changing, so ask our team what is in place on the federal, state, and local side.

    Selling Your Excess

    There are a number of months of the year where you may be harnessing more electricity from your solar panels than you are using around your home. Many homeowners decide to tie their system into the electric grid in order to sell their excess back to the electric companies that power the rest of the area. Depending on how this is set up, the credit can then be used to offset additional needs your home may have in the summer, when you are using more power, or you can receive money back. 

    Increasing Home Value

    While most people will want to enjoy the investment they make with solar panels on their home for a few years, we always want to keep an eye on our home value and if the improvements we are making are increasing the resale value. For the most part, solar panels will increase your resale. According to energy.gov, the average premium for a home with solar panels was $15,000 across the country. While there is an investment upfront for installing your solar system, it is possible you will see this return when you are selling your home in the future. Plus, you have years of savings in your electric bill to enjoy until that time.

    Financing Available

    Pickett Solar knows that your desire to go green may not line up with your current savings. We have a few financing options available and can help guide you as you evaluate your solar needs along with your fiscal needs. We offer a 12 month no-pay period with no money required upfront to install the solar panels. By being wise on your energy choice and using your savings well, you can get this clean and renewable source of energy at your home or business, today. Every home’s solar array will look different, depending on the slope of the roof, trees around the home, and the placement in relation to the sun’s movement through the sky. Our Pickett Solar team will help you understand exactly what you need and what is possible based on these factors. To learn more, contact us today.

    July 30, 2021