FAQ: Going Solar

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    Once, Solar Energy was thought of in terms of the far-off future, reserved for science fiction and fantasy. Now, there are more opportunities to use alternate forms of energy, including installing solar panels on your home or office. The thought of going solar may leave you with more questions and may feel overwhelming to think about taking on. Pickett Solar has the answers and the service to help you go green!

    How does solar energy work?

    For homes and businesses, there are panels, also called photovoltaics, usually placed on the roof. When the sun’s rays shine on the panels, special cells absorb photons creating an electric field. The special cells are protected by layers of glass and/or plastic, allowing them to withstand the outside elements for years at a time. Several panels linked together are called an array and are connected to the electrical grid.

    How many panels would I need?

    Every home or business is different as far as their electric needs and the footprint they have available to maximize power production. Your roof will be evaluated, both for age and for size, with special attention to the amount and placement of trees closest to your structure. We wouldn’t want to install panels in a spot that never gets any sunlight. We also want to find that sweet spot between installing the number of panels you will need to generate the electricity you need for as many months of the year as possible.

    What happens on rainy or cloudy days?

    Even after installing solar panels, your home or office will still be tied into the grid for emergencies and literal rainy days. So you will not have to be completely without power on days your panels don’t have any contact with sun rays.

    I use way more electricity in the summer than in the winter, how does that work?

    In the winter, you may capture more electricity, feeding it into the grid, than you use. Most solar panel owners will develop a surplus and gain credit on their electric accounts. In the summer months, this credit will offset the extra energy you may need from the grid.

    How will solar panels impact the sale of my home?

    In general, most homeowners see their homes sell for more and sell quicker than those without solar panels already installed. In addition to the savings on your monthly electric bill, this home improvement is a great investment for many homeowners to make.

    How is solar energy better for the environment?

    Solar energy reduces the carbon emissions created by other forms of electricity generated. While you still may tie into the grid from time to time, each step reducing potential pollutants is better for the environment.

    What work is involved in taking care of my solar panels?

    Our Pickett team will install your panels, making sure that each one is positioned and installed perfectly. The design is meant for outdoor use so you will find that they are very durable and even with dirt, dust, and pollen accumulation they can still harness energy for your home or office. The rain and normal levels of wind generally do a good job of keeping them free from large issues. Of course, some homes may find extra pine needles, leaves, and other debris. Depending on the size of your home, you may be able to spray these down or brush this debris off. Other homes or businesses may need a professional to come to clean your panels from time to time, and by joining our VIP Club, we can take care of the regular maintenance and fix any unforeseen problems that may arise.

    If you have additional questions about solar energy or the panels our Pickett team can install for you, contact us today. We are ready to save you money and to help the environment with renewable and clean forms of energy.

    July 6, 2021