A Guide to Going Solar

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    The benefits of going solar are numerous and we know homeowners and business owners are excited to jump feet first into this clean and renewable source of energy. Once you decide to go solar, Pickett Solar can assist you in your next steps and beyond.

    1. Reliable energy is there. This is the best part of going solar, the energy is already there, coming down from the sun every day in the form of rays, hitting the roofs of our homes and businesses. By going solar, you can harness the energy that is already there and use it to run your appliances and electric needs inside.

    2. Consultation with our team. Pickett Solar knows you have questions about all of the logistics of installing solar panels. One of our expert staff members will come out to inspect the shape, slope, and size of your roof. We will also assess the condition of your roof and any obstructions to decide what course of action may be best. We will make a recommendation to ensure you aren’t spending needless money on solar panels that don’t actually make contact with the sun’s rays.

    3. Evaluating your needs. Our Pickett Solar team will also evaluate your electricity needs by looking at your electricity usage. We usually pick a happy medium by choosing a month in the spring time to make an educated guess about what would best serve your home or business. In the winter, you may not need as much electricity from your solar panels, this excess will be exchanged back into the grid. You can use this to offset the larger amount of electricity you may need in the summertime.

    4. Planning for installation. From there, our team will begin making the order for the materials you need. Depending on your needs or how full the supply line is, this could take a few weeks to finalize on the production end. Once we receive the panels, installation onto your roof should only take a few days. We will also discuss any permits you may need for this improvement and investment to your home or business.

    5. Begin using solar energy. Your panels will be ready to go once installation is complete and you will begin seeing savings in your energy usage right away. Every day you use these panels is less strain on the electrical grid, less pollutants in the air, and more independence in your energy production and usage.

    6. Maintenance. Solar panels may look fragile, but they are very durable and designed to spend their entire lives outside in the elements. We will make recommendations for how to clear them of debris or occasionally wash them for maximum energy production, but most solar panels are hands off as far as regular maintenance goes.

    To begin making plans with our Pickett Solar team on your plan to go solar in the Houston area, contact us today. The investment is worth your time and money and you will see a return on your investment in many ways. If there are any issues that do arise, our VIP Club members get top service, any time of day, any day of the week.

    September 14, 2021