7 Benefits to Solar Panels

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    It used to be that solar energy was reserved for select businesses, homes, and organizations. You may see solar panels as you are driving through specific parts of town as areas are trying to go green, or you may notice a neighbor has installed solar panels on their roof. As solar energy becomes more common, you may have more questions about the benefits. Pickett Solar can answer all of your questions and help guide you through the entire process.

    1. Reduce your electric bill.

    By going solar, you may have months where you don’t use electricity from the grid at all. In fact, you may bank electric credit to help offset the costs that rise dramatically during the warmer months. You will maintain your connection to the grid so you can use what you need but will see those bills plummet.

    2. Environmentally friendly.

    The best aspect of solar energy is how clean of an energy source it is. The sun’s rays are hitting the top of your home or business already, we are simply installing the technology needed to capture the energy it produces. The panels are extremely long lasting too, meaning you won’t be creating trash every year that will take up space in a dump or need special recycling.

    3. Freedom over your electricity source.

    While rates can sometimes be competitive, you can often find yourself locked into a contract or terms that were unclear at first. Going solar means less reliance on electric companies and hunting around for the best rates. While you will need some relationship with an electric company for your highest usage months, you will have more control throughout the year.

    4. Increases your property value.

    Homes with solar panels already installed have a great selling point and command a higher selling price than homes without. This feature isn’t just a random quirk but can help you if you need or decide to move later on.

    5. Renewable energy.

    In addition to solar energy being environmentally friendly, this form of energy is almost endless and completely renewable. Every sunny day adds up more electricity for your use or for dispersal back through the grid with no additional work or strain on the equipment installed. Once your solar panels are in place, you will have your own power source, day in and day out.

    6. Guarding against rising costs.

    Electricity rates always seem on the rise and solar energy can safeguard against most of this increase. Once your solar panels are in, your investment has been made, but you will continue making electricity every day. There is no additional cost to you other than occasional maintenance, which is minimal and included in our VIP Club membership. Instead of hunting for the best rates, you will be able to sit back and know your energy is coming at the same price.

    7. High return on your investment.

    While the initial installation does mean an investment on your part, that investment will be put to good use. Not only are the panels extremely durable and low maintenance, but your costs for electricity will fall immediately. Every month that you aren’t paying for electricity is a month you are seeing a return on that initial investment. Additionally, our Pickett Solar team will work with you to understand incentives, financing options, and the best solar plan for you. We don’t want to install needless panels that won’t actually produce energy due to location. We want to give you a system that will work!

    Pickett Solar knows you may have questions about how solar panels work and how the installation process goes, but the benefits are clear. Contact our team to make an appointment so we can begin evaluating your needs and begin saving you money, today.

    August 30, 2021